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Melodies which move, give daydreams and sometimes make you smile

This is the bottom line of »Silla Nova«, which is the ensemble behind exceptional singer Silvia »Silla« Frink. Originally from Munich, Germany, they now live and perform on São Miguel.
Bossa Nova classics like »Corcovado« or »Triste« are attended by swing tunes and sensitive ballads from the Great American Songbook as well as by enchanting international melodies, which have become rare in Jazz music.
The repertoire starts from the 20s up to the late 60s, wheras the interpretation is not always similar to the sometimes well-known and sometimes - unfortunally -  forgotten - original songs. And, from time to time, a pinch of humour will show up.

Silvia »Silla« Frink is not only a singer - she lives all melodies with passion and her distinctive voice lets listeners be a part of it.
From intimate sad ballads up to cheerful uptempo samba tunes: she always sings the crux of a song perfectly to the point.

She is accompanied by Norbert Riemann on spanish guitar : one time soulfully discreet, next time "brasilian" and then - as soon as Silvia unpacks the Kazoo - with a hot swing.

Both musicians look back upon long-time musical experience in different styles, from a capella to rock, funk and classical music which characterizes the peerless sound of »Silla Nova«.
But the emphasis will always be on the delight in melodies, uniquely interpreted by Silvia »Silla« Frink.
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pictures by Brigitte von der Bruck
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